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Welcome to Garcia Sports Therapy & Mobile Events, LLC in which we provide Massage Therapy Services with the highest level of professionalism

and are located in Asheboro, NC serving all ages ranges from pediatric, adult, and geriatric communities. We also serve Massage Therapy specialty populations in sports injury rehab, neurological conditions, self care maintenance monthly to quarterly packages, pregnancy/ prenatal populations (28 weeks-40 weeks), pain management, lymphatic massage, cupping therapy, ice immersion, sports leg compression machines, massage gun work, and sports therapy. Massage Therapy services with the comfort of a home setting, sports therapy clinic look, and also travel option to your business or home!

Sports Massage Therapy

We serve all ages and levels of athletes by performing a wide range of massage therapy treatment options from full body general maintenance for peak performance, deep tissue, moderate to swedish tissue depth massage, instrument assisted, massage gun, cupping (glide, silicone, and electric) , compression machine, stretching, and kinesiology taping.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is most commonly used for our clients who come for regular maintenance full body sessions, high level athlete maintenance, and specific pain management sessions. Pressure of massage is always customized to each client preferences, request, and pain tolerance.

During the Spring

Summer, and early Fall months we offer Ice immersion. cryotherapy options using an Ice Barrel in the outdoor portion of our business. After a massage session and ice therapy session of 10 minutes in ice immersion has many benefits in managing inflammation, delayed onset muscle soreness, neurological effects, and positive mood, mental discipline, and hormonal benefits.

Premium sports therapy and therapeutic massage service

Professional home clinic, science evidence based research massage therapy, and bilingual language spoken in English and Spanish.

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Sports Massage Therapy newly located at Nautilus Asheboro, NC

We provide therapeutic massage therapy service at our clinic, community sporting events, and for professional private organizations.

Mobile Massage Therapy including bookings for traveling to Events.

Businesses, and large family homes parties of 6-8 members (no traveling for individuals due to high demand; requires appointments a month ahead.)

Home Clinic Location for Massage Therapy located in North Asheboro, NC

This population of our clients comes for massage therapy services year round tailored and customized planes for you to work around your lifestyle to help best keep you performing to your maximum.


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Kevin Garcia

Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodywork Therapist

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